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2021 Annual Report



Transforming lives of those in need


We fight food insecurity

through EC operated Bulk Buy and Farm to Pantry programs and by providing wraparound services to food pantries and community kitchens.

We create youth opportunities

for the next generation through children's arts, academic enrichment and summer recreation programs.

We strengthen communities

through skills-building programs that offer a path to success for unemployed workers, recent immigrants and the formerly incarcerated re-entering society.

We protect the most vulnerable

through health and wellness programs that improve quality of life for senior citizens, the homebound, and people with substance-use disorder.

In the true spirit of outreach, every program is free of religious content, welcoming one and all. 


Leadership Letter

Dear Friends,

As we look back on the past year, we want to express our gratitude to all of you for your unwavering support of Episcopal Charities. The ongoing pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives, and the programs we support have not been immune to its effects. However, with creativity, perseverance, and dedication, our staff has come together to ensure our programs remained available to the most vulnerable across our large and diverse diocese when people most needed help. 

As a community of outreach programs, Episcopal Charities is distinguished by the deep connections each of the parishes within our network has to the communities they serve throughout the ten counties that make up the Episcopal Diocese of New York. Our programs give us a unique perspective and access to real-time data from people in each community. During the height of the pandemic, Episcopal Charities hosted weekly calls with our program leaders which helped us gain a reputation as a reliable place for larger nonprofits and other funders to hear what was happening “on the ground” and for developing and operating innovative programs that responded to need in real-time. 

Throughout the year, Episcopal Charities had a significant impact on individuals and families in the communities we serve. Our focus on building relationships and responding to needs ensured that our support was tailored to the unique needs of each community. Through this approach, Episcopal Charities provided vital assistance to 100+ programs across the Diocese, ranging from food banks and shelters to youth programs and healthcare services. We worked closely with program leaders to ensure that their clients had access to the resources they needed most. This support had a tangible impact on the lives of many, helping to improve their overall health and wellbeing, and providing a critical sense of hope for the future.

We are proud to say that, despite the challenges of the pandemic, Episcopal Charities awarded significantly more grants than ever before in our history. We helped connect those in need with the generosity of caring donors and the energy of dedicated volunteers. From fighting hunger through food pantries and community kitchens to creating opportunities for the next generation through children’s arts, academic enrichment, and summer recreation programs, our work is critical in transforming lives.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of our supporters. Your generosity has allowed Episcopal Charities to continue its support during this tumultuous time. Our work would not be possible without you. We look forward to continuing our work together and building stronger communities throughout the Diocese.

Thank you,

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 1.33.34 PM.png
The Rt. Rev. Andrew ML Dietsche
Bishop of New York
Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 1.33.38 PM.png
Peter W. Keller
President, Board of Directors
kevin vanhook under 1mb.jpg
Kevin W. VanHook, II
Executive Director
Leadership Letter
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Farm to Pantry

Responding to food insecurity in our communities

In response to dramatic pandemic-related increases in food insecurity in 2020 and again in 2021, we at Episcopal Charities realized our traditional approach of providing pass-through grants to food pantries was less effective in addressing rising demand and supply shortages – this led to our piloting the Bulk Buy program in 2020 and the Farm to Pantry program in 2021.  Our food access partners struggled to source fresh, nutrient dense, culturally relevant foods due to structural inadequacies in the food supply chain and lack of availability at food banks. They needed a reliable source for the healthy, whole foods their communities requested, without reliance on a ‘middle man’ – we found that source at Glynwood Center for Regional Agriculture in Westchester, which connected us directly with local farmers and enabled us to launch Farm to Pantry. 

Leveraging and connecting our network of partners

Farm to Pantry allowed us to continue to leverage our position as a locus and intermediary of community need by connecting pantries directly with Hudson Valley farms run by under-represented (women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC) farmers. As a result, we are now able to provide thousands of pounds of farm-fresh, local, and culturally appropriate foods to our food network. In its pilot year, we were able to introduce Farm to Pantry to nine of our existing partners located throughout the Diocese of New York and match them with 20 local farms. 

Our partnership with Glynwood has provided expertise we did not have - including providing technical support and facilitating communication between the farmers and our partners so that together they can begin to plan what the farmer will be growing for a particular community. They match farmers of particular cultural backgrounds with partners serving those same populations so that Holyrood Pantry in Washington Heights can request cilantro and tomatoes from Latino-run R& R Produce, and Ascension pantry which serves primarily Asian populations in Lower Manhattan can order bok choy from Asian-run Choy Division Farm.

How the program works

The farms and partners are selected through an application process. We then designate a food budget for each program based on client needs and the number of families served per month. They identify what produce is needed and what can be grown. Wach farm is paid in full for the growing season - this allows the farmer to purchase seeds, hire workers, prepare their fields for the intended crops and grown them in time to supply our partners in-season. 


In 2021, we purchased and delivered 30,000 pounds of fresh produce from farms directly to families and individuals in our immediate communities. In both rural and urban areas of the Diocese there is often limited access to grocery stores and limited access to healthy foods which leads to poor nutrition. The Farm to Pantry program provides the health benefits of supplying nutrient-dense food that compliments cultural preferences, reduces our carbon footprint, and supports small minority farmers and the local economy. 

Farm to Table
Organic Vegetables

Farm to Pantry Grants

Total awarded: $60,000.00

Total Award
St. Mark's Church, Mount Kisco
Mount Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry
Grace Church/La Gracia, White Plains
God in Action Food Distribution Alliance
Church of the Divine Love, Montrose
Fred's Pantry (CHHOP)
St. John's, New Rochelle
Caritas/Meals on Main Street

* grant amounts do not include administrative fee to Glynwood

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 11.33.04 AM.png

Community Outreach Programs 2021

Untitled design (10).png

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Programs Map.png
Programs Map

2021 Grants Paid

In 2021, Episcopal Charities awarded $1,187,898.79 in grants to our traditional programs. Financial support from our donors goes directly to these critical programs operating on the front lines of our New York communities. All operating costs are funded by EC’s board of directors. EC has a unique model of screening and recommending grantees through its local, community-based, volunteer-led Advisory Committee, which visits all partners on-site to learn about programmatic and operational support needs. To find out more email

Youth Opportunity Grants

Total awarded: $306,450.00

Youth Opportunity Grants are awarded, with consultation from our Advisory Committee, to parish-based outreach programs addressing the needs of children and youth in communities throughout the diocese by providing academic enrichment, exposure, instruction in the arts, and safe spaces for youth to grow and develop. During this time of uncertainty, some of the most vulnerable among us are our youth. These programs provide a stabilizing and important part of the social safety net.

Children's Academic Enrichment

Total awarded: $84,500.00

Total Award
Grace Church, Manhattan
GO Project
St. Ann's of Morrisania, Bronx
After-school program
St. David's, Bronx
Virtual Teen Outreach Program
St. David's, Bronx
After school
St. Margaret's Longwood, Bronx
After-school program
St. Michael's, Manhattan
After-school program
Grace/La Gracia, White Plains
Brighter Futures After-school program
Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Advancing the Community of Tomorrow (ACT)
Christ's Church, Rye
Blue Skies After School

Youth's Arts

Total awarded: $76,450.00

Total Award
Christ Church, New Brighton
Youth music lessons
Christ Church, Bronxville
Young at Arts summer programming
Christ Church, Bronxville
Young at Arts After-school
Holyrood/Santa Cruz, Manhattan
Washington Heights Choir School
St. David's, Bronx
Urban Cultural Arts & Recreation Program
St. John's, Monticello
Nesin Cultural Arts Academic Year Program
St. John's, Monticello
Nesin Summer Academy

Skills Building

Total awarded: $31,500.00

Total Award
Church of St. Luke in the Field's, Manhattan
Art and Acceptance
Church of St. Matthew and St. Timothy, Manhattan
Angels Basketball
Grace Church, Millbrook
EPIC Regional Youth Leadership Program

Summer Recreation

Total awarded: $114,000.00

Total Award
Christ Church, Poughkeepsie
Christ Church Summer Camp
Grace/La Gracia Church, White Plains
Brighter Futures Summer Camp
Church of the Incarnation, Manhattan
Pioneer Village at Incarnation Camp
Iglesia Memorial de San Andres, Yonkers
San Andres Summer Camp
St. Ann's of Morrisania, Bronx
Freedom School
St. Mary's Manhattanville, Manhattan
St. Mary's Summer Camp
Christ's Church, Rye
Blue Skies Summer Camp
Sts. John Paul and Clement, Mt. Vernon
Summer Camp
St. James Hyde Park
Hyde Park Kid's Garden Club
Grace Church, Manhattan
GO Summer
Church of the Heavenly Rest, Manhattan
Manhattan North Summer Educational Project

Basic Human Needs Grants

Total awarded: $624,625.00

Basic Human Needs grants support parish-based human services programs, with consultation from our Advisory Committee, that provide services to families teetering on the poverty line, the elderly, those living in poverty, and to specific vulnerable populations. These include the homeless, immigrants, people impacted by the criminal justice system, and individuals living with chronic illnesses. As the COVID-19 crisis continued from 2020 to 2021, many of our programs transitioned into food access to combat the rising food insecurity while we also started funding new food access programs.

Food Access Programs

Total awarded: $484,500.00

Food access programs are all of our food assistance program and include but are not limited to food pantries, soup kitchens, mobile pantries, and grab-and-go programs.

Total Award
All Saints, Manhattan
Community Meal
Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, Manhattan
Cathedral Community Cares
Christ & St. Stephen's, Manhattan
Brown Bag Program
Christ Church Ramapo, Suffern
Feeding Ministry
Christ Church, New Brighton
Holiday meal assistance
Christ the King, Stone Ridge
Roundout Valley Food Pantry
Church of St. Matthew and St. Timothy, Manhattan
Sunday Meals, St. Matthew and St. Timothy
Church of the Ascension, Manhattan
Ascension Outreach
Church of the Ascension, Mt. Vernon
Food Pantry
Church of the Atonement, Bronx
Food Pantry
Church of the Epiphany, Manhattan
Wednesday Night Homeless Feeding Program
Church of the Good Shepherd, Granite Springs
Community Center of Northern Westchester Food Pantry
Church of the Good Shepherd, Newburgh
Shepherd's Kitchen
Church of the Heavenly Rest, Manhattan
New York Common Pantry
Church of the Mediator, Bronx
Healthy Living & Sustainability Food Pantry
Good Shepherd, Granite Springs
Feeding Program
Grace Church (West Farms), Bronx
Our Lord's Soup Kitchen
Grace Church, Middletown
Guild of St. Margaret's Soup Kitchen
Grace Church, Nyack
Grace's Kitchen
Grace Church, Port Jervis
Fed by Grace
Grace Church/La Gracia, White Plains
Food Alliance
Grace/La Gracia, White Plains
Westchester Soup Kitchen
Holy Apostles, Manhattan
Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen
Holyrood/Santa Cruz, Manhattan
Friday Food Fest
Iglesia Memorial de San Andres, Yonkers
San Andres Food Pantry
St. Andrew's Church, New Paltz
The Pantry at SUNY Ulster
St. Andrew's, Bronx
St. Andrew's Kitchen
St. Ann's of Morrisania, Bronx
Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen
St. Bart's, Manhattan
Crossroads Community Services
St. Edmund's, Bronx
St. Edmund's Food Pantry
St. George, Newburgh
St. George's Food Pantry
St. Ignatius of Antioch, Manhattan
Soup Kitchen
St. James Fordham, Bronx
St. James Fordham Food Pantry
St. John's Church, Kingston
Angel Food East
St. John's Church, Monticello
Caring Hands Food Pantry
St. Margaret's Longwood, Bronx
St. Margaret's Feeding Program
St. Mary's Castleton, Staten Island
St. Mary's Community Meal
St. Mary's Manhattanville, Manhattan
We Are Not Afraid (WANA)
St. Mary's, Mohegan Lake
Community Food Pantry
St. Mary's, Tuxedo
Sloatsburg Food Pantry
St. Michael's, Manhattan
St. Michael's Saturday Kitchen
St. Paul's, Bronx
Food Pantry
St. Paul's, Poughkeepsie
St. Paul's Food Pantry
St. Peter's Chelsea, Manhattan
Food Pantry
St. Peter's Westchester Square, Bronx
St. Peter's Love Kitchen & Love Pantry
St. Peter's, Peekskill
Fred's Pantry
St. Stephen's, Armonk
Mt. Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry
St. Thomas, Amenia Union
Food of Life/Comida De Vida Pantry
Sts. John Paul & Clement, Mt. Vernon
Emergency Food Pantry

Adult Education and Support Programs

Total awarded: $140,125.00

Total Award
All Angel's Church, Manhattan
Pathways Drop-In Center
Christ & St. Stephen's, Manhattan
West Side Campaign Against Hunger Culinary Pathways Program
Christ Church, Rye
Bienestar en Port Chester
Christ Church, Rye
Hudson Link
Church of the Epiphany, Manhattan
Church of the Heavenly Rest
LSA Family Health Service
Church of the Incarnation
Moravian Open Door
Grace Church, Millbrook
Grace Immigrant Outreach
Holy Cross/Santa Cruz, Kingston
Ulster Immigrant Defense Network
St. Mary's Ghanaian, Bronx
ESL Program
St. Mary's, Tuxedo
Helping Hands
St. Matthew's, Bedford
Emergency Shelter Partnership
St. Matthew's, Bedford
A-Home's The Next Step
Trinity St. Paul, Ossining
Ossining Emergency Shelter

Bulk Buy Grants

Total awarded: $146,223.79

The Bulk Buy grant begun in response to the collapse of the food network due to the COVID-19 pandemic and aggregates demand among feeding programs to negotiate discounted rates from a local commercial wholesaler. Most of our programs are community-based so they cannot leverage huge budgets to negotiate lower prices and favorable delivery terms with a wholesaler. Bulk Buy allows programs to work directly with wholesalers to purchase food and supplies, billing Episcopal Charities. Through this initiative, feeding programs can supply culturally relevant foods as well as expensive foods (like proteins) that are typically expensive to buy or difficult to acquire.

Total Award
Ascension, Manhattan
Food Pantry
Christ Church, New Brighton
Holiday meal assistance
Christ Church, Ramapo
Feeding Ministry
Church of the Ascension, Mt. Vernon
Food Pantry
Church of the Mediator, Bronx
Healthy Living and Sustainablity
Church of the Good Shepherd, Granite Springs
Community Center of Northern Westchester Food Pantry
Church of the Good Shepherd, Granite Springs
Feeding Westchester's Hungry
Grace Church, West Farms
Our Lord's Soup Kitchen
Grace Church/La Gracia, White Plains
Lifting Up Westchester Soup Kitchen
Grace Church, Middletown
Guild of St. Margaret's Soup Kitchen
Holy Cross/Santa Cruz, Kingson
Ulster Immigrant Defense Network
Holyrood, Manhattan
Friday Food Fest
Church of the Good Shepherd, Newburgh
Shepherd's Kitchen
St. Ann's Church of Morrisania, Bronx
Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen
St. Bartholomew's Church, Manhattan
Crossroads Community Services
St. Edmund's, Bronx
St. Edmund's Food Pantry
St. George's, Newburgh
St. George's Food Pantry
St. Ignatius, Manhattan
Soup Kitchen
St. James, Fordham, Bronx
St. James Fordham Food Pantry
St. Margaret's, Bronx
St. Margaret's Feeding Program
St. Mary's Manhattanville, Harlem
St. Mary's Food Pantry/WANA
St. Mary's, Mohegan Lake
Community Food Pantry
St. Mary's, Staten Island
St. Mary's Community Meal
St. Mary's, Tuxedo
Sloatsburg Food Pantry
St. Matthew & St. Timothy, Manhattan
Sunday Meals, St. Matthew and St. Timothy
St. Paul's, Bronx
Food Pantry
Sts. John Paul & Clement, Mt. Vernon
Emergency Food Pantry

Covid-19 Fund

Total awarded: $110,600.00

In 2021, the COVID-19 Committee, created in 2020 by the Board to directly deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, continued to meet and approve grants. These grants were created to help all our programs deal with COVID related expenses. We define "COVID-19 related expenses" as any loss due to the pandemic, as well as any increased demand for services that may be attributed to the effects of the pandemic (including, but not limited to: extra food costs, costs for supplies to be given away, staffing expenses, etc.). 

Total Award
St. Peter's Chelsea, Manhattan
St. Peters Food Pantry
Church of the Mediator, Bronx
Healthy Living & Sustainability
Church of the Good Shepherd, Granite Springs
Community Center of Northern Westchester (CCNW) Food Pantry
St. Paul's Church, Bronx
St. Paul's Food Pantry
St. Barts, Manhattan
Crossroads Community Services, Inc.
Holy Cross/Santa Cruz, Kingston
Ulster Immigrant Defense Network
St. Paul's Church, Poughkeepsie
St. Paul's Food Pantry
St. Mary's Church, Tuxedo Park
Sloatsburg Food Pantry
Church of St. Luke in the Fields
In Our Fields Mobile Feeding Program
Church of the Heavenly Rest, Manhattan
New York Common Pantry, Inc.
Holyrood/ Santa Cruz, Manhattan
Washington Heights Choir School
Church of the Divine Love, Montrose
Fred's Pantry (CHHOP)
St. Ann's Church of Morrisania, Bronx
St. Ann's Church Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen
Grace Church (West Farms), Bronx
Our Lord's Soup Kitchen
St. John's, Monticello
Caring Hands Food Pantry

2021 Virtual Tribute Dinner

A Story of  Transformation

On Thursday, November 18th, instead of gathering at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine hundreds of the Episcopal Charities community gathered virtually once again for our annual Tribute Dinner. Lauren Jenkins Chung and Felicia Eve, our evening co-chairs, pulled together an incredible night that helped tell the story of EC in 2021 and the innovative programs that have transformed how it responds to the growing need because of the Covid-19 pandemic. That night alone helped raise nearly $640,000 to help EC continue to respond to the call from our parish partners throughout New York City and the Hudson Valley.

Tribute Dinner
Blue Background

Our Financials


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Untitled design (10).png


We are grateful to the following organizations and individuals for their generous and continued support. Their dedication to our mission enables the critical work of our programs.


Special Recognition


For the ongoing support of programs in Dutchess County and the Hudson Valley, from the proceeds of a designated gift made in 1997.


Administered by the Trustees of Estate and Property of the Diocesan Convention of New York, for a grant to support programs serving the elderly.


The Diocese supports us with a generous contribution and administrative support which keeps the organizational overhead expenses low.



Church Pension Group

$1,000 - $9,999

Franklin Templeton Investments Matching Program

$1 - $999

McCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home, Inc.
Morgan Stanley
Nationwide Life Insurance Company
Network for Good
Sheldon Graphics, Inc.
Staver Care Management LLC
T. Rowe Price




Mother Cabrini Health Foundation, Inc.

Westchester Community Foundation


Astor Fund
Capital Group Co. Charitable Foundation
The Autumn Ridge Foundation
The Fullgraf Foundation
The Harriet H. Nicol Charitable Foundation


J. C. Flowers Foundation
Kirk-Hammond Trust
The Hellen Plummer Charitable Foundation, Inc.


Anne Boyd Lichtenstein Foundation
The New York Community Trust
The Trefoil Foundation


AmazonSmile Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Susan Pamel Markham Heller Fund
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
The Daniel O'Day, Jr. Revocable Trust
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program


Parishes, Church-Related & Other Organizations


Saint Thomas Church, Manhattan

$5,000 - $49,999

Church of the Heavenly Rest, Manhattan
St. James' Church, Manhattan
The Church of the Ascension, Manhattan
The Church of the Good Shepherd, Roosevelt Island

$500 - $999        

Church of the Regeneration, Pine Plains
Grace Church, Millbrook
Holy Cross, Kingston/Santa Cruz Parochial Mission
Holyrood Church, Manhattan
St. Mark's Church, Mount Kisco
The Church of St. John the Evangelist, Barrytown
The Community of the Holy Spirit, Manhattan
Trinity Church, Fishkill

$1 - $249

Christ the Redeemer, Pelham Manor
Grace Church, Hastings-on-Hudson
Grace Church, Middletown
Holy Trinity Church, Pawling
St. Augustine's Church, Croton-on-Hudson
St. Francis & St. Martha's Church, White Plains
St. James' Church (Fordham), Bronx
St. John's Church, New City
St. John's Church, Pleasantville
St. John's Church, South Salem
The Chapel of St. John the Divine, Tomkins Cove

$50,000 - 99,999

Trinity Wall Street
Trinity Wall Street Congregational Council

$1,000 - $4,999

Christ Church, Warwick
Christ's Church, Rye
Eglise Francaise du Saint Esprit, Manhattan
Episcopal Church Women, Diocese of New York
Good Shepherd Mission, Newburgh
Grace Church, Manhattan
St. Bartholomew's Church, Manhattan
St. Gregory's Church, Woodstock
St. James' Church, Goshen
St. John's Church, Larchmont
St. John's in the Village, Manhattan
St. Matthew's Church, Bedford
St. Thomas Church, Amenia Union
The Church of St. James the Less, Scarsdale

$250 - $499        

Christ Church, Gilbertsville
Church of the Divine Love, Montrose
St. Andrew's Church, South Fallsburg
St. Margaret's Church (Longwood)
St. Mary's Church, Tuxedo Park
St. Philip's Church in the Highlands, Garrison
St. Simeon's Church, Bronx
The Church of the Good Shepherd, Granite Springs



$1,000,000 +        


$25,000 - $100,000

Peter and Sarah Beshar
Paul & Celia Fallon
Ann & Robert Natale

Richard & Lisa Pell
Philip D. & Birgitta L. Sherman
Owen D. & Jennifer B. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Townsend, III
Cecil & Gilda Wray

$10,000 - $24,999

Matthew Ailey & Greg Zaffiro
Walter W. & Marjorie B. Buckley
Richard L. Chilton, Jr.
Laura and John Desmarais
Wolcott & Joan Dunham
Curran & Jonathan Estreich
Scott & Evette Ferguson
James L. & Julie A. Hallowell
Paul C. Hilal
Matthew G. Hurd & Shari Shepard
Mary E. McGarry
John & Ellen Metzger
The Rev. Deacon Frank L. Peterson & Roger D. Mitchell
Charles M. & Deborah Royce
Mai Spurlock-Sykes & Scott Sykes
Martin J. & Antoinette Sullivan
John G. & Adele Talty
Mr. and Mrs. W. James Tozer, Jr.
Hepsen Uzcan

$1,500 - $2,499

Jennifer Brown
Winthrop & Leona Chamberlin
Douglas H. Evans & Sarah E. Cogan
Douglas Gale
Kazie Metzger & John C. Harvey
Carol L. O'Neale
Mark C. Redman & Jennifer Romano Redman
Mary Beth Sasso
Anne Strassner
Roger B. & Nancy M. Vincent
Dominic and Eileen Visco
Karl & Mary-Jo Weber
Raymond G. Wells
Campbell R. & Meredith Wharton

$500 - $999

John E. & Elisabeth Avery
The Rev. Yamily Bass-Choate
Jack & Susanne M. Blackstock
Mary Britton
Hugh Campbell
William M. Cassarini
Andrea Celenza
Henry Clark & Harriet Clark
The Rev. Sharon H. & The Rev. Paul B. Clayton
Joyce R. Coppin
Meighan W. & Michael L. Corbett
Eskridge & Lucy Culver
Robert L. & Poppy Cummings
John D. & Clara Dale
The Rev. Joade Dauer-Cardasis
Warren Dodge
The Rev. Terence L. & Nancy Elsberry
Bronwyn and Eric Fitz
Sunaganata Gadsden
The Rev. Deacon Gail S. Ganter-Toback
Steven W. & Jan F. Golann
John & Gloria Golden
The Rev. Gina L. Gore
Mary S. Gossy
Julie Graf
Kenneth A. Henwood
Vanessa H. Hicks-Voorham
Andre and Kelly Hunter
J. Chester & Freda Johnson
Christopher H. Jones & Cecilia Jane Malm
Jay Keller
Amy Kitahata-Sporn
Lorna Lewis
John A. & Anne P. MacKinnon
Joseph & Virginia Maybank
Andrew & Mary Beth Merryman
Carol M. Mitchell
Christian & Alfreda Murck
Raquel Murray
The Rev. Graeme Napier
Robert & Justine Ondricek
The Rev. Matthew J. Oprendek
Luther A. Peacock & Julie Bacon
Darren Port
Deborah A. Roberts
Brian & Ellen Rose
John C. A. & Sorca Sherman
Robert Vermillion
Gwendolen L. & George J. Wade
Peter & Elisabeth Wells
Michael Wolf
Robert G. Zack

$100 - $249

Susan & Peter A. Abken
Joan Adams
The Rev. Deacon Chisara Alimole
Diane Alleyne
Karin M. Almquist
Madelaine Anagnostopoulos
John T. Andrews, Jr. & Elizabeth K. Lambert
The Rev. Susan C. and Stuart Auchincloss
The Rev. Susan C. & Stuart Auchincloss
The Rev. Rigoberto Avila-Nativi & Jacqueline Reed
Bruce W. Baas
Adesuwa Bajulaiye
Dr. Nigel M. Bark
Richard Barker & Tracy Cole
The Rev. Deacon Elena L. Barnum
Deborah Belding
Catherine Belford Budd
Peter & Lisa L. Bellamy
John and Lori Bergherr
Jeremy J. & Katherine E. Bieger
Judith Bischoff
Carolyn R. Black
Steven P. & Nancy Borner
Andrew F. & Kathleen S. Brenner
Samuel & Pauline W. P. Brookfield
Herbert M. & Joanne L. Brunson
Hewitt J. & Yvonne Bryan
Marilyn Budzanoski
Aileen Burnes
Richard Cacciato
Frank J. & Mary E. Carnabuci
David & Kathy Carnegie
Anthony & Lena Cavanna
Gregory D. & Amy E. Chambers
Agnes N. N. Cheah-Trinity
Charlotte Church & Jonathan Gaines
Victor Clarke
Catherine Clema
Anne Peyton Cooper
Patricia A. Cose
Jeffrey T. & Jill A. Croucher
Michael Cudney & Keith Kelly
The Rev. Deacon Eliza Davies
GraceMarie Dell'Angelo
Michael J. & Lisa-Ann Denisco
Claudia A. Dovman
Susan Egginton
Fred Engel
The Rev. Walter V. Eversley
Robert B. Fath
Beatrice Fekula
Gerald F. Fisher
Christopher Anthony Fitchett
Carol R. Fox
Victor and Sharon Fox
Sheila D. France
Donna Fraser
Katharine M. Fulmor & Theresa D. Bergen
J. Carr & Carolyn Kee Gamble
Sarah Gardner
The Rev. Carol Gaskill
Barbara A. Genco
D. Sandra Gittens
William and Mary Susan Goetz
Robert B. Goodfellow
Mark D. Goodwin
Donald G. & Linda R. Gurney
The Rev. James B. & Dr. June S. Hagen
Carolyn A. Hale
John M. Ham
Harry & Kathleen Hamilton
Louise Hannibal
Sharon Hardy
John F. & Ann C. Heidenreich
Caroline R. Helmuth
Peter Herman
The Rev. Emily C. Hewitt
Karen L. Hobson
Karina Hogan
Simon Hooper
Pamella E. HoSang, Ed.D.
Donna A. Humphrey
Curtis W. Inoue
Rowena C. Irons
Matthew D. Jacobson
Jeff Jeffreys
Mary L. Jenkins
Margot Jepson
Hatsuhiko & Kyoko Kageyama
Clarence H. Kay, Jr.
Gordon King
Christine Klinger
Muriel F. Kneeshaw
Cynthia Knox
Suzanna Konecky
Brian & Vanessa Korb
Kurien T. & Elicikutty Koshy
William Langham & Ann Edmonds
Abigail A. Laryea
Emelia Laryea
Anita A. Laryea
Peter Laudert
Deborah A. Lee & Thomas J. Falcone
Susan Lerner
Yang Li
Joseph C. & Susan A. Liddicoat
Virginia Lief
The Rev. Canon James Elliot Lindsley
Christina Louis
Mark & Julia Lulka
Catherine A. Lunn
Louise Malarkey
Cecilia Malm
Marjorie E. Martin
Jaby Mathew
Shelley Mayer
Kevin C. & JoAnn McDermott
Catherine McNary
John Merryman
Pauline C. Metcalf
Dane Miller
Sandra W. Moneymaker & Beatrice J. Gioeni
The Rev. John W. Moody
The Rev. Allison S. Moore
William H. Muchnic
Ruth Mueller-Maerki
The Rev. Gwyneth M. Murphy
Rhiannon Navin
Robert S. & Patricia C. Newton
The Rev. Canon and Mrs. Emeka Nwigwe
Lyle F. Nystedt
Yvonne O'Neal
Keith A. & Moriah S. Olsen
Mary Olsson
Ade Oluwasusi
Elizabeth C. Parker
The Rev. Joseph R. & Janice Parrish
Shari Patrick
John F. Pedersen
The Rev. Thomas J. P. Pellaton
Hilary Pennington
Jacquelyn Peters
Elizabeth A. Phillips & Jack Kaufmann
Joseph T. & Katharine S. Plummer
Drew S. & Oveta H. Popjoy
Virginia M. Puelle
Sheila S. Pulling
The Rev. Alison Quin
Jesse Ramos
James M. Rhodes
Bernadene Rich-Jackson
Silvia Richards-Alonso
Lynn S. Riley
Garl Robinson
The Right. Rev. Catherine Roskam
The Rev. Deacon Ella Roundtree-Davis
The Rev. Rhonda J. Rubinson
Peter Ruocco
Lynn & Edward W. Russell
Pauline Samuel
John Sandercock
The Rev. Jean-Louis F. N. Sanon
Kathryn M. Sasso
Margaret A. Saunders
Lucille Schneider
The Rev. William L. & Carol L. Schnitzer
Ernst & Betty Schoen-Rene
William & Louise Caromil Schultz
Margaret L. Shields
Peter F. Sipperley
Amanda Slattery
Elizabeth Slaughter
Jane Barber Smith
Shelley E. Smith & Andrew E. Messinger
Judiann Smith
Glenroy L. Smith
Arthur O. & Donna Soyk
Margot Spelman
Jonathan Spurrell
The Rt. Rev. Andrew R. St. John
David Starling
John H. & Julia W. Stewart
R. Leonard & Anne C. Stokes
Andrew & Amy Swank
The Rev. Deacon Geraldine A Swanson
Raquel Swarton-Davis
G. Wylie & Sallie S. Sypher
Annette & Mark A. Tardy
The Rev. Canon Dr. Williamson S. & Mrs. Monica B. Taylor
Nelson Timken
Mary M. Timney
Roberta Todd
Mark Trager
Beverly A. Vaillancourt
Daryl Van Valkenburg & Gail Zimmerman
Polly C. VanderKruik
William W. & Sarah J. Vasse
Janice Velasques
Jacqueline Vierno
Ann B. Visconti
Marcy L. Wagman
Katrul L. White
Marilyn Williams
Jonathan D. Wolfe
Alice F. Yurke & Robert H. Davis, Jr.

$2,500 - $9,999

Irene and Jack Banning
Lauren & Richard Chung
Donald R. Crawshaw
G. William Haas & George Moeschlin
Franklin W. Hobbs IV
Andrew & Amy W. Horrocks
Kevin A. and Robin Lockhart
The Rev. Dr. Daniel P. & Diane Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Newton P. S. Merrill
Ryne Miller
Scott Sykes & Mai Spurlock-Sykes
Caroline Williamson
Dr. Julie Zito, Ph.D.

$1,000 - $1,499

Dr. J. Patrick Hornbeck & Patrick Bergquist
Margot & Jeremiah Bogert
Darren Bowie
Matthew and Kimberly Cantor
Mary Christiansen
Henry R. & Barbara L. Cohen
Gary Cohen
H. Rodgin & Barbara Cohen
The Rev. Dr. Pamela and The Rev. Michael Cooper-White
Daniel C. & Linda S. De Menocal
The Rt. Rev. Andrew M L & Margaret M. Dietsche
David Duffee
The Rev. John Miles Evans
Nancy & Thomas Farrell
William Finley & Sandra Burns
Maxine A. Francis
Joan Golan
Stephen A. Grieder & Vicki Rae Kroviak
William & Barbara Haney
Christine R. Harrell
The Rev. Canon Susan C. Harriss and The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Ruge
Raminta Hosp
Binta F. Jalloh
Nancy & Timothy J. Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Klingman
Roger Kubarych & Janet Wynn
Lorraine A. LaHuta
Ellen & Peter Leemputte
Samantha Lucas
Connie & Bruce Macleod
Sean Mooney
Paige and Arthur Nagle
Stephen W. Nicholas & Ellen Sargent
Adam Offenhartz
Margaret Ann Orzechow
Lawrence E. and Elizabeth Phillips
The Rev. Margaret R. Rose
Marcy & David Shover
Ted Smith
Gordon L. Smith
Mark Sowinski
Sabin & Beverley Streeter
Carl D. & Antoinetta C. Vandemark
John L. & Caroline A. Walker
Diana Wheeler

$250 - $499

Jane Barber Smith
Francis Blouin
Mildred Bobrovich
Kathleen Breiten
Carla M. Burns
Walter Cadette
Adele J. Calcavecchio
Robert B. & Patricia M. Carey
Cathy Carlson
John E. & Ann Conti
The Rev. Dr. Edwin H.Cromey
Charles J. Cross & Barbara Barraclough Cross
Heather Daly
Peter Datos & Richard Robyn
Kevin Faherty
The Rev. Paul B. Feuerstein & Rebecca Eddy
Dall W. & Ana Marie Forsythe
The Rev. Susan Fortunato
The Rev. Canon Jay H. Gordon
Kenneth and Judith Gorsuch
Steven L. & Susan G. Gottlieb
John M. & Hank Grimes
Torry & Phyllis Guardino
Jonathan W. Henery
John F. Holzinger
Esslie W. Hughes
Robin & David Ingram
John H. & Jane K. Kazanjian
Edwin Deane and Judith S. Leonard
Lynda L. Magrath
Carolyn Russell Mauritz
Marjorie Mayers
Dr. John A. McClung, M.D.
Andrew G. & Suzanne McMaster
The Rev. Frank Alagna & John F. Meehan
Barry Menuez
The Rev. Charles J. Minifie
James & Rose Minnerly
James T. Morley, Jr.
Nancy Parks
Scott Pavao
Michael J. Pfenning
Diane B. Pollard
Patricia L. Ranson
Lee & Lea Richardson
Gayle Robinson
Christopher Robinson
Gary S. Rogers
A. Barrett & Laura M. Seaman
Cynthia A. Secor-Smith
Tara M. Seeley
The Rt. Rev. Allen K. Shin and Clara Shin
Charity Shumway
Roland Stalzer
Elizabeth C. Starling
Sandra Thornton
Robert Treuhold
Tapua Tunduwani
Russell & Wendy Urban-Mead
Alan B. Vickery
The Rev. Patrick J. & Barbara L. Ward
The Rev. Deacon Robert Zito and Dana Cole

$1 - $99

Eric Achacoso
Elsie G. Adams
Boyd E. & Judith A. Adams
Julia R. Alberino
Joelle A. Anderson
Reynell & Judith Andrews
David G. Angus
Eaton & Shirley D. Arthur
Alexandra Bacon
The Rev. Audrey V. Bailey
Mary H. Baker
Thelma V. Barlow
Margery A. Barnes
Joseph J. & Eileen Barrett
Virginia W. Barrett
Barbara Belashuk
Robert G. Berger
R. Jane Birmingham
Eldredge Blalock
Susan D. Blodgett
Austin Bloom
Bruce J. & Linda Boissey
Ralph & Marilyn C. Bonfiglio
Leonardo A. Bonilla
Mary J. Brandt
Willem & Jo Brans
Penelope C. Brathwaite
Carol Bratton
Jennifer Brehl
David Brokaw & Marlene Presley
Maxine Brown
The Rev. David C. Brown
Joanne Browne
Enid Buckhannan
Ainsley & Carla Burke
Barbara M. Burns
Daphne Burton Barret
Peter Bush
Charles E. Byrd
Rosemarie Calista
Sylvia J. Campbell
Carol J. & Caryn E. Campbell
Beverly Campbell
The Rev. Joseph J. & The Rev. JoAnne Campo
Jeanne B. Caraley
Bernadette D. Chapman
Samuel Cheung
Alice Chodkowski
Tom Clemmons
Donald L. Conrad
Richard Baccari & Suzanne Cortese
Dorothy F. Crafts
Paul Cremo
Rachel Crosby
Annie-May de Bresson
Kara Debaene
Jacqueline T. Decorbez
Kristin Dennehy
Francine Dibernardo & Michael A. Gannon
Yvonne M. Edwards
Dawn Edwards
Micaela Ensminger
June Fait
Sabrina Fiddelman
Hillary Fleming
Victor & Susan Stanwick
Gregory and Florence Joan Freeman
J. Dermot Frengley
Edward & Christine Frese
Stephen L. & Anne M. Friedland
Anahi Galante
Joseph S. Germano
Paula Gifford
Michael Giorgi
Lawrence F. & Jennifer C. Goldman
Steven L. & Susan G. Gottlieb
Jeffrey S. Graham
Mavis Grant
Alison M. Gregory
John V. & Francine Gurtler
Paul J. & Gloria Hamilton
Janet Henry
Shahin Heshmat
Murphy Heyliger
Clyde I. Hicks
Christina B. & Dararith Hing
The Rev. David S. & Susan Hoag
Joseph F. & Rosa Hobson
Lynnette N. Holder
Elizabeth J. Hunter
John & Patricia Isbirian
Kenneth P. Isler
Edine N. James
Michael B. Johnson & Joel Schlosser
Melo E. & Jeanette E. Jones
Denise A. Jones
Sarah L. Jones
Eyatunde & Victoria Jusu-Davies
Tanya Kamens
Ann Kantor
Joseph C. Keegan, Jr.
Janice Kikuchi
Camille Y. Kinlock
Keith R. & Susan K. Knox
Charles Krulis
Fredericka D. Lamot
Joseph V. & Nora A. Lane
Thomas S. Larson
David Lee-Sam
Howard & Joyce Lim
Wayne Linton
Janet Senderowitz Loengard
Annie Lombardi
Ruth and Charles Lovelock
Monna S. Maclellan
Florence R. Maduro
Wilfred G. Mairs & Doreen Sealey-Mairs
The Rev. R. DeWitt & Vera Mallary
Richard J. & Eileen E. Martin
Cuthbert & Victoria Matthew
Diane Matthews
Cheryl C. McCartey & Christina Smith
Beverly McDew
Bruce L. & Joan E. McGilvray
JoAnn McGrath
Holmes McHenry
James McPherson
The Rev. Dr. Clair & Connie McPherson
Elizabeth Mellen
Constance Melrose
M. J. & N. Marie Milligan
Rick Moody
Felix & Erma Moore
Patricia C. Muller
Beverly A. Nance
Gwennetha Nesbeth
Barry O'Neal
Peter A. & Cynthia P. Ochsner
Frank & Susan Ostrander
Philip R. & Joanne M. Overton
The Rev. Jennifer Owen
Theresa B. Palmer & Thomas F. Doran
Frank W. & Christine Parrella
Martha Patterson
Sherrol Pollard
Reita Powell
Harry L. & Juanita J. Pratt
Eleanor Purrier
Katie Quinn
Hadley S. Roe & Mary L. Fox Roe
Richard & Barbara Romeo
Peter Rossolimo
Charles Rowe
The Rev. Henry C. Ruschmeyer
William Russiello & Allie Russiello
David Scheller & Sean Schuller
Janet E. Schneider
Peter Schnur & Margot C. Chrystal
Christine Scott-Deutsch
Anne R. Seltzer
Celia & Arnold Serotsky
Donald E. Sharp & John Stevens Sharp
Ramona A. Shaw
I. Barnett Shepherd
Barbara Sievert
Walter D. & Sylvia L. Simon
Doris Simon
The Rev. Canon Victoria & Dr. Robert Sirota
Adrienne Skinner
Elaine R. Slevin & Christina R. Wood
David W. & Rae S. Slingerland
John S. Slorance
The Rev. James R. Smith & Jose Vidal
Edward G. Smith
Stephen Smith
Paul D. Stone
Jacqueline Stormes
Anne D. Stribling
Mark Strunsky
Lewis & Dorothy Taishoff
Priscilla Talbot
Emerald L. Thompson
Reese Toshach
Tracy Tumminello
Raymond H. & Yvonne Tuthill
Sandra B. Van Dyke
Mary B. Vandezande
The Rev. Janet Vincent
Robert Voorheis
Fay V. Walker & Natasha N. Orange
Wisner Washam
H. Mitchell & Katherine S. Watson
Gloria D. Watt
Gloria Benefield Welcome
Deborah M. Williams
Maryann D. Wlock
Katharine B. Wolpe
Donald Woods
Donald A. Wright
James Wright & Ann E. Dean
The Rev. Mel Yosso
Richard C. Zinn


In Honor Of

Multiple Tributes*

Peter Keller*

Owen Thomas

The leadership of The Community of The Holy Spirit, Manhattan

In Honor

In Memory Of

Multiple Tributes*

Virginia G. Come

John Farr Geer*

Edwina Wean McCrimmon

Ms. Edith A. Mercier

In Memory
Purple Glow

Ways to Help

You can help others by partnering with Episcopal Charities in any of the following ways:

Connect w Us
Charity Volunteers


VOLUNTEER: Check out our volunteer calendar for opportunities at a variety of program sites - read to a child or help serve a meal, email

CONSULTANT CORPS: Do you have specialized skills? Join our Consultant Corps and put your skills to work for programs in need of customized services.

GROUP VOLUNTEERING: Arrange for a corporate or church group to volunteer at one of our program sites, email

The Volunteer Program has 4 Pillars:

  1. To recruit and  place individual group volunteers in outreach programs.

  2. To recruit members of the Consultant Corps program, which places volunteers with specialized skills in community outreach programs. Consultant Corps members support programs with videography, fundraising and grant writing, strategic planning, language justice, urban agriculture, and more. 

  3. To offer social justice and contextual education, and reflection activities for volunteers throughout the Diocese.

  4. To support and create resources for volunteer management infrastructure at outreach programs across the Diocese.

Helping Hands


DONATE: Every gift helps, regardless of its size, and will be put to good use.

CORPORATE MATCH: Give through your employer. Many companies support Episcopal Charities through matching-gift programs, event attendance, and employee-recommended grants. Inquire if your company provides these benefits, and email with questions.

GIVE FROM YOUR IRA: If you are 70.5 years old or older and have a traditional IRA, you’re eligible to make a gift to Episcopal Charities directly from your IRA — tax-free. Contact us for more information.

INCLUDE EPISCOPAL CHARITIES IN YOUR WILL: You can help transform the lives of those in need for years to come by naming Episcopal Charities as a beneficiary of your estate.

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