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Transforming lives for 25 years.


In 1994, the Episcopal Diocese of New York approved a canon to create Episcopal Charities in order to fund social programs related to the Diocese. Episcopal Charities would officially be founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization two years later in 1996, kickstarting 25 years of supporting outreach programs in ten counties of New York.

Right from the beginning, we focused on funding high-quality programs, vetted by an Advisory Committee of professionals who assess each and every program every single year. Although we've grown as an organization since 1996, our commitment to providing resources to parish-based programs has remained unchanged.


In 2020, we raised - and gave away - more funds than ever before, meeting unprecedented need. We introduced our COVID-19 Relief Grants, issuing our first grants of this type just two weeks after Governor Cuomo issued shelter-in-place orders in New York.

In all, we awarded $1.4 million in Basic Human Needs, Youth Opportunity, and Program Investment grants, bolstering community programs from Staten Island to Dutchess County. 

But we also know that new challenges require new solutions, which is why we don't stop at grant disbursement. Our weekly calls for program leaders create a space to share solutions and resources, build community, and emotionally support those on the front lines of mitigating this crisis. And our Bulk Buy program permits feeding programs to meet the demand of their clients, providing high-quality and culturally sensitive foods.


Looking back, we're proud of where we've come from: a consistent tradition of transforming lives in the Diocese of New York for the past 25 years. But we're even more excited about where we're going, finding new ways to support those doing the crucial work of running outreach programs. 


2021 has placed many of us on the frontier of a new world. At Episcopal Charities, we're looking towards what a "new normal" might look like, and how we can build solid foundations, connect communities, and transform lives as part of it. 

Will you join us?

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