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Feeding Programs & Bulk Buying Survey

This survey is to be completed by all Feeding Programs receiving grants from Episcopal Charities, including those interested in the bulk-buying project. All programs should complete the first portion of the survey, and all programs interested in bulk buying should complete the entire survey.

PLEASE NOTE: if your parish has multiple feeding programs (i.e. a food pantry and a community kitchen), please submit this form for EACH program. 

If you have issues or questions about the form, please email SK at or Patrick at
Is your program an agency of the local Food Bank?
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Bulk Buying Survey:

While we are working hard to make this a reality, please note that Episcopal Charities is in the investigation stages of this program. Your input is key, and we appreciate your flexibility!

In coordination with our feeding programs, Episcopal Charities is investigating the possibility of bulk ordering a couple of key items that all of our programs could use. Programs would not be responsible for the cost of these orders. Are you interested in Bulk Buying? If yes, please complete the remainder of the survey.
Does your program have commercial refrigeration and/or freezer units?

Thanks for submitting!

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