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Weekly Resource Round-Up: April 19, 2022

This Week's Resources

If you have resources to share with our network, please contact Tobi Mojeed-Balogun our Associate Director of Programs Support.

NYS COVID Mandate Updates

A lot of the news around mandates and restrictions have been a little confusing so I will list some resources below that might help.

  • PIX11 COVID Updates - kind of NYC-centric but state information is included. Link here.

    • The relevant highlights are that a federal judge has struck down the federal mask mandate for planes and other public transportation. The MTA said they will follow CDC guidelines so they commuters must still mask for now.

    • Experts are also warning of an uptick in cases in the city with 2100 people testing positive in the last week.

  • NYS Department of Health COVID website - It's a one stop shop with an info summary at the top. Link here.

  • Federal COVID website - - it's pretty bare bones but you can search your county and get COVID level

    • All of the counties in the diocese were low except for Orange, Westchester, and New York (Manhattan) counties which were at medium level.

If you have any other resources, please feel free to share them with me so I can share them with everyone!

2022 Bulk Buy Application!

We are thrilled to announce that we will begin accepting proposals for our 2022 Bulk Buy Program! Bulk Buy allows us to aggregate food purchasing across the Diocese and means free high-quality food for EC programs. You can find our brief application form HERE! Please contact me (Tobi) with any questions or concerns.

Full-Time Food Pantry Manager at Food of Life/Comida de Vida Food Pantry (St. Thomas - Amenia Union)

Our friends over at Food of Life/ Comida de Vida Food Pantry at St. Thomas of Amenia Union are looking for a new Food Pantry Manager. This is a full-time position. The job posting and description can be found here. If you have any questions, inquiries or recommendations, please contact Rev. AJ Stack at

Volunteer and Program Coordinator at All Angels' Church Community Ministries

Our friends over at All Angels' Church is hoping to bring on a Interim Volunteer and Program Manager this summer and they would love any recommendations. The job description is linked here. If you have any questions, inquiries, or recommendations, please contact Rebecca Hampe at

Hudson Link Employer Toolkit

Our friends at Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison put together an employer toolkit for hiring formerly incarcerated people. Thank you to Sean Pica, Eldredge Blalock, Elisabeth Santiago, and the rest of the team at Hudson Link for this important resource. The toolkit can be found here.

Hudson Link will also be having their Spring Benefit on May 12, 2022. RSVP here if you're interested in attending!

Community Food Funders Newslink

Community Food Funders has opened up their newsletter to a wider audience (so not just food funders). "Each month, CFF compiles a newsletter with news, articles, reports, and events for those in our region interested in an equitable and sustainable food system." Highlights on this month's newsletter include:

  • Grant opportunities from CSPI - "Center for Science in the Public Interest’s (CSPI’s) first round of grantmaking for 2022 is now open. CSPI seeks to support communities as they explore local, state, and federal policy interventions to elicit systemic change and advance a just and equitable food environment."

  • Video: Remaking the Economy: Organizing for Black Food Sovereignty (Nonprofit Quarterly) - "Catch a replay of Nonprofit Quarterly's Remaking the Economy: Organizing for Black Food Sovereignty. In this webinar, leaders in the movement for Black food sovereignty discuss how that movement is being built, rooted in the gifts and talents from within the Black community, and anchored in a community vision."

  • plus loads more!

This month's newsletter hasn't been sent out yet but I will post highlights when I receive it. I will continue to include highlights from each month's newsletter on our weekly resource round-ups but if you would like to subscribe yourself, the link is here. The link to last month's newsletter is here and their archive is here.


That's all for this week -- thanks for all you do!



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