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Weekly Resource Round-Up: August 2, 2022

This Week's Resources

If you have resources to share with our network, please contact Tobi Mojeed-Balogun our Associate Director of Programs Support.

NYS COVID Mandate Updates

A lot of the news around mandates and restrictions have been a little confusing so I will list some resources below that might help.

  • PIX11 COVID Updates - kind of NYC-centric but state information is sometimes included. Link here.

  • NYS Department of Health COVID website - It's a one stop shop with an info summary at the top. Link here.

  • Federal COVID website - - it's pretty bare bones but you can search your county and get COVID level

  • NYS Vaccine Website - Immunocompromised and high-risk folks are eligible for more boosters. Check here to see the requirements.

If you have any other resources, please feel free to share them with me so I can share them with everyone!

Monkeypox Virus Information

As monkeypox continues to grab headlines, I have included some resources I found that might be helpful.

  • NYC Department of Health Monkeypox Webpage - lots of information and resources about the virus with pictures of the rash included. Find the link here.

  • NYC Monkeypox vaccine Scheduling Website - Link Here

  • Article on Monkeypox by Documented - "As monkeypox cases in New York City continue to rise, New Yorkers have inquired about this type of orthopoxvirus and how to get the vaccine. Here is what you need to know." (article will be updated as new info comes) - Read more here.

Food Access Program Check-In

Here's a quick 12 minute video with Patrick giving important information for our food access programs

2022 Bulk Buy Application!

We are thrilled to announce that we will begin accepting proposals for our 2022 Bulk Buy Program! Bulk Buy allows us to aggregate food purchasing across the Diocese and means free high-quality food for EC programs. You can find our brief application form HERE! Please contact me (Tobi) with any questions or concerns.

The Church of the Epiphany Wednesday Night Dinner Program is in need of a new Cook

Our friends over at the Church of the Epiphany's Wednesday Night Dinner Program need a new cook for our Wednesday Night Dinner Program. They are seeking someone for 7-8 hours a week to cook the dinner and also handle the ordering of food through the various agencies, and coordinate deliveries with the church. They will send a full job description soon.The actual cooking happens Wednesday afternoon, so maybe another program's cook may want the additional hours, etc. They're open to all ideas! If you want more information, know any good candidates, or have any suggestions contact the Rev. Elise Hanley at

Hudson Link Spring Benefit & Employer Toolkit

Our friends at Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison held their virtual Spring Benefit last week and it was amazing! You can watch it on their website here and learn about all the amazing work they do.

Hudson Link put together an employer toolkit for hiring formerly incarcerated people. Thank you to Sean Pica, Eldredge Blalock, Elisabeth Santiago, and the rest of the team at Hudson Link for this important resource. The toolkit can be found here. If you have any questions about hiring formerly incarcerated people, please contact Elisabeth Santiago from Hudson Link's Alumni Services at

‘NYCBenefits’ program aims to connect eligible New Yorkers to billions in assistance - AMNY

"Mayor Eric Adams announced Tuesday his and his administration’s plan for new initiative “NYCBenefits”, a program that utilizes multi-agency and cross-sector efforts to connect thousands of eligible New Yorkers to billions of dollars of government benefits due to the COVID-19 crisis." Read more here.

Food prices hit both poor New Yorkers and the food pantries that support them - The Gothamist

"Food prices in the New York area have jumped more than 9% in the last year, according to a new Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, and experts caution that they are unlikely to ease up in the foreseeable future.

The price climb, which took place over the 12 months ending in June, is the steepest in the last 40 years, according to the BLS. The strain is especially hitting poor and working-class New Yorkers and immigrants, many of whom were already struggling to stay above water in a notoriously expensive city." Read more here.

New Feeding America Study Shares Truth About Food Insecurity In The US - Tasting Table

"Feeding America, the U.S.'s largest hunger relief organization, released its annual Map the Meal Gap report on July 20, painting a detailed picture about the growing problem of food insecurity in America by geographic and racial/ethnic lines. Food insecurity is defined by Healthy People as "the disruption of food intake or eating patterns because of lack of money and other resources."

According to the study, food insecurity exists in every one of the 3,143 counties in the United States, as well as every congressional district in the 50 states and Washington D.C., representing about 38 million people." Read more here

Community Food Funders Newslink

Community Food Funders has opened up their newsletter to a wider audience (so not just food funders). "Each month, CFF compiles a newsletter with news, articles, reports, and events for those in our region interested in an equitable and sustainable food system." Highlights on this month's newsletter include:

  • A Panel Discussion on Regional Food Systems June 22, 3-4:30pm - Join NESAWG for a panel discussion where thought-and-practice-leaders from across the Northeast region share their perspectives and analyses of the issues affecting and solutions for northeast regional food systems. The panel will feature

  • Hudson Valley Food System: Place, Present, and Future June 27, 3pm-7pm ET, Henry A. Wallace Visitor and Education Center - Join the Hudson Valley Food System Coalition as we engage in discussion to examine how cultivating a deep connection to our place can catalyze systemic change, as we work together to reflect on what these last few years have taught us about our strengths and the opportunities for a more resilient food system, and as we learn how to effectively ensure network equity and inclusion as we organize our work into the future. Following our program, we will enjoy a locally-sourced meal together.I will continue to include highlights from each month's newsletter on our weekly resource round-ups but if you would like to subscribe yourself, the link is here. The link to last month's newsletter is here and their archive is here.

  • -Find people with experience supporting grassroots organizing in NYC. is a project of The New York City Capacity Building Collaborative (NYC CBC). The collaborative consists of social justice foundations that collectively pool resources to build the capacity of grassroots community-based organizations. Looking for a resource to help with strategic planning, social media, graphic design, board training or a score of other topics? Here's a database that is capturing groups that have been helpful to nonprofit organizations in NYC.

  • The banks collapsed in 2008 – and our food system is about to do the same, George Monbiot, The Guardian, May 19 2022

  • City Looks To Ease Street Vending Regulations, Jaime DeJesus, Brooklyn Eagle, May 25 2022

  • and more!

I will continue to include highlights from each month's newsletter on our weekly resource round-ups but if you would like to subscribe yourself, the link is here. The link to last month's newsletter is here and their archive is here.


That's all for this week -- thanks for all you do!



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