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Weekly Resource Round-Up: Dec 15, 2021

This Week's Resources

As always, if you have something to share, contact SK Doyle, our Associate Director of Programs & Volunteers.

NYS Restaurant Resiliency Program

New York State has started a great program to address the challenges the pandemic created for restaurants, farmers, emergency food providers, and the families they serve. The program provides the funding to source meals from restaurants to be delivered to your pantry, community kitchen, or drop-in center. You can find the list of approved restaurants here. You can also download the restaurant application here to ask restaurants in your communities to participate. Contact for more information.

NYC Expanded Vaccine Requirements

As part of the mayor's expanded vaccine mandate, children aged 5-11 are now required to show proof of vaccination for many indoor activities. You can read more about the policy here. We will try to continue to use this blog to update you on changing COVID policies! Thanks for all the work you continue to do in an ever-shifting situation.

Free PPE!

Does your program need PPE? has some free PPE items available for delivery to your program. Below is a list of what's available. Please reach out to SK ( with the number of cases you would like.

  • SIngle wrapped wipes

  • Disposable Isolation Gowns, Level 2

  • Hand Sanitizer in 2oz, 8oz, and gallons, in both liquid and gel bottles

  • Hair bonnets

  • N95 Masks (Limited quantities)

Articles: Human Factors of Supply Chain & Job Growth Challenges

We wanted to share a couple of articles about the economic context of the moment we're in. This piece talks about the supply chain issues many of you have been dealing with, especially in feeding programs. We know how frustrating this has been and are grateful to you for continuing to be nimble as you're serving your neighbors.

This article talks about the "Double Whammy" that is slowing job growth in NYC. Service industry jobs especially have not been recovered, so we anticipate need continuing to rise across the Diocese. Keep an eye on this space, we'll keep posting articles and information as we have it.


That's all for this week -- thanks for all you do!



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