Granting Overview

Episcopal Charities offers a number of grant types.

All are subject to our eligibility requirements.

Basic Human Needs


Basic Human Needs grants support parish-based human services programs that address the specific needs of diverse communities throughout the diocese, including:


BHN Grants are typically applied for in early October and awarded by late January.

Youth Opportunity


Youth Opportunity Grants are awarded to parish-based outreach programs addressing the needs of children and youth in communities throughout the diocese, including:​​

YOG grants are typically applied for in early February and awarded in mid April.

Program Investment Grants

Program Investment Grants support capacity building projects and new ministries in outreach programs affiliated with parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of New York, including:​​

  • Space upgrades

  • Equipment purchases

  • New staff positions

  • Seed money for new programs, with a special preference for collaborative projects

We are not currently accepting applications for Program Investment Grants.

Professional Development (PD)

Professional Development Grants assist programs to provide high-quality professional development training to staff and volunteers in the areas of:

  • Non-profit Management, including governance and human resources, volunteer management, financial management, fundraising and communications

  • Program Development, including advocacy, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation; and program specific trainings

We are not currently accepting applications for Professional Development Grants.

At the behest of our Board of Directors, we respond to natural disasters or other emergencies affecting the New York area. For example, in 2012 we offered Hurricane Sandy rebuilding grants in communities devastated by Superstorm Sandy.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Episcopal Charities does not provide funding of any kind to individuals.

  • Funding is available only to programs or projects in the Episcopal Diocese of New York, which consists of the following New York State Counties: New York (Manhattan), Richmond (Staten Island), Bronx, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan.

  • Programs must represent an effort by a local congregation or group of congregations to respond to an identified need affecting members of the community in which the congregation is located.

  • Any person needing the service offered is eligible to receive the service. Eligibility for services cannot be determined by church membership, faith, or participation in church activities.

  • Programs must be non-sectarian and inclusive, and services provided cannot include religious content.

  • If awarded a grant, grantees must attend three (3) virtual Sustainability Institutes or one (1) in-person and one (1) virtual.

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