Episcopal Charities


Individual Volunteers

Individuals can apply to volunteer with one of our programs by creating an account on our Volunteer SiteNew volunteers must attend a virtual orientation session before being dispatched to programs to ensure everyone follows proper safety procedures. You can see some of our upcoming opportunities in the schedule below!

Volunteer Groups

Parishes and groups of people are encouraged to form a "pod" of 4-5 volunteers that are willing to be dispatched to a program in need. Pods will be required to attend a brief training through Zoom to ensure everyone follows proper social distancing and safety procedures. If you are interested in forming a pod, please email SK Doyle for more information. 

Outreach Programs in Need of Volunteers

If you are an outreach program in need of volunteers, please apply for assistance here or contact SK Doyle for more information.



If you are interested in volunteering or joining our Consultant Corps, please create an account on our Volunteer Site. If you have questions about volunteering, are a program who is in need of volunteers, or would like to bring a group to one of our programs, please contact Associate Director of Programs SK Doyle by email or phone at 212-932-7354.



Episcopal Charities currently has more than 500 individual volunteers placed at sites throughout the Diocese and 32 members of our Consultant Corps, a group of volunteers with specialized skills who contract with programs in need of individuals with professional experience and knowledge.

In addition to regular volunteer site placement, we: 

  • hold an Annual Day of Service, where groups across the Diocese join together for a day of action, reflection, and community

  • host Advent Days of Service, during which volunteers assist our programs during one of their busiest times of year

  • gather together to discuss important social issues and their relationship to our communities through our Micah Series, and

  • train volunteers, site leaders, and consult with programs to provide quality experiences for all involved.