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Weekly Resource Round-Up: March 8, 2024

This Week's Resources

If you have resources to share with our network, please contact Tobi Mojeed-Balogun our Associate Director of Programs Support.

2024 Youth Opportunity Grant Application Is Open!

We are thrilled to announce that the application for our Youth Opportunity Grant is now open! The application is due on March 8th at 5 pm.

I created a walkthrough video that you can view below:

To learn about EC's grants (including BHN), see here. Please contact me (Tobi) for more information and if you have any other questions or concerns.

Escaping poverty and violence, indigenous Qʼeqchiʼ people from Central America find home in Kingston (Times Union)

"...Cuc is among the growing number of Qʼeqchiʼ people arriving in the Hudson Valley. Kingston in particular is becoming what Ulster Immigration Defense Network case manager Daniel Woodham calls “the biggest gathering of Qʼeqchiʼ people in the world outside of Guatemala.” And their number is growing every week.

The Qʼeqchiʼ aren’t the only Indigenous group migrating upstate. Albany has a sizable population of Triqui people, an Indigenous group from the Mexican state of Oaxaca who have been establishing themselves in the U.S. for the past 15 years. Other Mesoamerican Indigenous languages spoken in New York state include Kaqchikel, K’iche, Garifuna, Mixteco, Náhuatl and Quechua, said Margarita Larios, executive director of the state Office of Language Access." Read more here.

NYC says food stamps and cash aid backlog is nearly gone after record delays (Gothamist)

"The Adams administration announced on Monday that it has nearly cleared the backlog of pending food stamp and cash aid cases, after more than a year of record-slow processing times and mounting outcry from beneficiaries and advocates.

Officials with the city Department of Social Services, the agency that oversees public benefits programs, said they have processed more than 600,000 applications since the summer by hiring 1,000 workers, investing in technology and making it easier to use online services.

The turnaround on processing cases within 30 days, as required under federal and state laws, is a major boon for New Yorkers grappling with an affordability crisis who were waiting more than a month for extra aid to buy groceries, pay rent or cover other necessities." Read more here.

NYC Council leadership calls for Mayor Adams’ budget cuts to be reversed (Gothamist)

"Leaders of the New York City Council on Monday called for many of the spending cuts ordered by Mayor Eric Adams since last year to be reversed — the latest episode in an ongoing debate among local elected officials over the city’s financial health.

“There remain key agencies and service areas affected by the administration’s repeated cuts that remain foundational to meeting the needs of New Yorkers,” Council Speaker Adrienne Adams said in opening remarks at the first in a series of hearings on the mayor’s spending plan for next year. “With higher-than-expected revenues in this fiscal year and a durable, resilient economy, I believe our city has the flexibility to reverse many cuts that have been made, strengthen our city’s workforce, and address our future fiscal challenges, all while being fiscally responsible.”

Ahead of the hearing, the Council reported that the Adams administration had underestimated tax revenues by more than $3 billion for fiscal years 2024 and 2025, which starts in July. But mayoral budget director Jacques Jiha said in testimony to councilmembers on Monday that the city still needs to hedge against expiring federal pandemic aid and costs from the migrant influx, even as financial forecasts no longer look as dire as before." Read more here.

Summer Rising will face reduced hours this year. Here’s what NYC families should know. (Chalkbeat)

"Applications for New York City’s free summer programming opened Monday to all children in kindergarten through eighth grade.

But in the wake of budget cuts ordered by Mayor Eric Adams, middle schoolers will face significantly fewer hours of enrichment programming this summer.

Launched in 2021 with federal pandemic relief funding, the Summer Rising program was designed to help students readjust to in-person learning and expand summer school opportunities beyond children who were traditionally mandated to attend. The initiative includes a mix of academic instruction provided by Education Department teachers and enrichment activities supported by a network of community-based organizations." Read more here.

More free rides? State lawmakers look to triple size of NYC fare-free bus pilot, increase frequency ahead of congestion pricing (AMNY)

"Two state lawmakers hope to triple the size of New York City’s free bus pilot program and extend it for an additional year under a package of legislation aimed at improving bus service ahead of congestion pricing.

The “Congestion Pricing Done Right” bill, introduced by Queens Democrats state Senator Michael Gianaris and Assemblymember Zohran Mamdani, would expand the scope of the free bus pilot, from one line in each borough to three.

It would also invest $45 million in improving the reliability and frequency of bus service, which in New York is the slowest in the nation. The lawmakers, who hope to get the bill into the upcoming state budget, seek to improve service on mass transit ahead of congestion pricing, which New York State aims to get people out of their cars and onto trains and buses." Read more here.

When is daylight saving time 2024? What to know about the time change (lohud.)

"As the calendar turns to February, the calendar also reminds us that spring is a little over a month away — and so is the beginning of daylight saving time at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 10, when clocks for many Americans move forward an hour.

Since most of our computers, smartphones and DVRs automatically change the time for us, it's not as much of a chore as it used to be. But unless you have smart appliances, microwaves and ovens are among the household items that will need a manual adjustment. (And while you're changing your clocks, that would be a good time to check the batteries in your smoke detector as well as test that and your carbon monoxide detector.)" Read more here.

Sadie Nash Leadership Project Summer Institute Application Open [Due March 12th]

"Summer Institute is an award-winning 6-week summer program where participants explore their own leadership skills and build a strong community with other Nashers…because at Sadie Nash we believe that all young women and gender-expansive youth are leaders NOW!"

Only for "young women and gender-expansive youth who are enrolled in high school and live in New York City or Newark. There are no academic or skill criteria for admission." Apply or learn more here.

New York Common Pantry Personal Care and Hygiene Wishlist

Here's a message from our friends at NY Common Pantry:

"Dear Friends of NY Common Pantry,

As you may have read, a building in the Bronx collapsed [December 11th]. NYCP was asked by the Bronx Borough President's office to provide hygiene kits for the residents that were displaced by this event.  While we could answer the need, it meant that all our supplies have been depleted and we need these kits for our participants who come daily. While we should manage through the holiday - we will need these in the new year.The kits consist of a mix of  toothpaste, shampoo, shaving kits, toothbrush, soap and chapstick etc. They can be made into kits or items can be collected and donated to NYCP where kits can be made.  It might be a perfect January event after the holidays if your schools could help us out with a much needed collection. If your students will travel or parents travel for work, those hotel size toiletries are perfectly fine.This is the link on Amazon to make it even easier to see what is needed and how easy it is to create the kits at home or at work -"

NYS COVID and MonkeyPox Updates (Plus Info about the Flu, RSV, and Norovirus)

A lot of the news around mandates, vaccines and restrictions have been a little confusing so I will list some resources below that might help.

  • Interview with NYC Health Commissioner on COVID bump. Link here.

  • NYS Department of Health COVID website - It's a one stop shop with an info summary at the top. Link here.

  • NYC Department of Health Monkeypox Webpage - lots of information and resources about the virus with pictures of the rash included. Find the link here.

    • With Mpox at Risk of Flaring, Health Officials Advise, ‘Get Vaccinated’ - New York Times - Read here

  • COVID vs Flu vs RSV info - I found a good article from the Washington post that gives information about three viruses that have been spiking this winter. Read the article here.

  • The Time Magazine article on the new variant (XBB.1.5) - Link Here

  • US News and World Report article on newest variant (BA.2.86) - Link Here

  • COVID is back in NY. What to know about schools, nursing homes and more (lohud.) - link here

  • How to Keep Tabs on COVID Through Wastewater Testing in NYC (The City) - link here

Scams pretending to be immigration agencies: How to protect yourself (Documented)

"Fraudulent emails and messages have circulated social media, masquerading as communications from federal immigration agencies, that falsely promise migrants legal representation for obtaining a Green Card in exchange for a small fee. Scammers specifically target Spanish-speaking, migrant New Yorkers who are in the process of adjusting their immigration status.

Rosa Santana, the Bond Director at Envision Fund, contacted Documented regarding scam messages circulating on Facebook and WhatsApp. The emails also falsely claim that failure to respond to the correspondence could result in a “negative report in the migration system,” making individuals “prone to deportation.”

Scam messages that target migrants are nothing new, as Documented reported in the past during the Excluded Workers Fund. However, these new scams exploit the necessity of migrants as they seek asylum in the United States. Here are some of the common scams targeting migrants with immigration cases and how to avoid them." Read the rest of the guide here.

Safe Church Training

Safe Church is handled by the Diocesan Human Resources Department which can be reached at You can also call 917 414 0156.

Documented's Mental Health Resources for Immigrants in New York

"A list of organizations that provide free or low-cost mental health care services to immigrants in New York

It can be overwhelming to find mental health care services, so Documented compiled a list of organizations and groups that offer low cost options, accept Medicaid, or render free services to individuals who are seeking counseling.

Most of these locations provide services in English and Spanish. We recommend reaching out to the location for more information, as some of the prices for services given are based on the level of income. For emergencies always call 911.

You can also contact NYC Well for free, confidential crisis counseling, mental health, and substance misuse support, information, and referral. You can reach the toll-free helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, text and online chat. Mental health professionals there can link you to the services you need. Phone: 888-692-9355 | (Espanol): 888-692-9355"

Documented's Immigrant Resources and Job/Housing Discrimination Guides

"Documented has gathered all of the resources we can find to help immigrant New Yorkers. New links will be added and the following pages will be constantly updated. If you would like us to add information to this list or have questions, please reach out to us at"

"The New York City Human Rights Law is one of the most comprehensive anti-discrimination laws in the country, prohibiting discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations based on race, color, religion/creed, age, national origin, immigration or citizenship status, gender (including sexual harassment), gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, military service, marital status and partnership status. As a newsroom that serves immigrant communities, Documented has written a comprehensive guide for immigrants."

Hudson Link Employer Toolkit

Our friends at Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison put together an employer toolkit for hiring formerly incarcerated people. Thank you to Sean Pica, Eldredge Blalock, Elisabeth Santiago, and the rest of the team at Hudson Link for this important resource. The toolkit can be found here. If you have any questions about hiring formerly incarcerated people, please contact Elisabeth Santiago from Hudson Link's Alumni Services at


That's all for this week -- thanks for all you do!



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